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Here are what some of my clients say about working with me...


"Brodie is an energetic communicator who as a coach pursues the best for the individual and business. Testing boundaries in a way which is delivered in a concise manner, asking the right questions to always challenge your thinking and methods. Brodie has been coaching the Purchasing function at all levels, delivering fantastic results in the 12 months we have been working together.

Working with Brodie has been fun, challenging and rewarding."   S Snow Director of Procurement, L'Oreal 


“Brodie has been a phenomenal help in my life! When I first took on the challenge of having a coach I was sceptical and thought that it wouldn’t provide the results that I wanted I was frustrated with myself and didn’t particularly like myself! Was I wrong coaching has allowed me to turn my life around and that is all down to Brodie! She would argue that she just asked me the right questions and it was down to me I am not so sure!  I now feel confident in situations that before I would have avoided I know what my trigger points are and what I can do to stop myself acting and doing the things that before would stop me progressing my life. Whilst you can’t change the past Brodie has certainly helped me change my future in so many ways from a professional and personal standpoint and I can’t thank her enough for that, there are techniques used that really make you think outside of your comfort zone and they work! I would recommend Brodie to anyone she has quite literally helped me turn my life around and I cannot thank her enough!” P. Hicks Practice Manager


I've had the pleasure to be one of Brodie’s coachees. I was impressed with the level of quality and professionalism in every instance. This professional approach ensured I was in complete control of the topics and goals whilst Brodie did an effective job of facilitating and orchestrating the session. Brodie has very strong listening and questioning skills and seemed to have an incredible knack of asking ‘the right’ question at the ‘right time’ to enhance my realisation and open my eyes to what was really going on. I can honestly say I made huge strides throughout these coaching sessions and I felt like I was coming away from each session with very clear defined goals and more importantly I was able to realise these goals and I have sustained those results since. I could not recommend Brodie enough, she is a genuine all-rounder who has a track record of supporting and enabling results. Chris Stafford - Senior Manager


I recommended Brodie to run Team coaching sessions within my Business. This was ran with the Senior Leadership team. To see the way Brodie was able to use her skills and command the room, keeping extremely time precious individuals engaged and striving to deliver results was a pleasure to observe. I have received glowing feedback about Brodie from all who attended. It is not an easy task to step in to a complex business that you have no experience and keep Senior Execs engaged. Brodie’s natural coaching ability and inquisitive, professional nature ensured that the ownership of the Goal and the result was very much theirs. Brodie just shepherded them through the process bringing people back on topic and facilitating to ensure the time allocated was completely valuable.