Online Management and Leadership courses

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*Anticipation*   *Belief*   *Confidence* 

These courses are designed for busy people, for whatever reason, who can't take the time out of the business. Being a manager or leader can be a very lonely place, especially when dealing with challenging business environments. Quite often we are focussed on all the day-to-day tasks that are required and have very little time to develop or explore your own personal management and leadership qualities and the impact you are having.

These sessions are live through video-link, in a group setting. Each session will offer business models and approaches to discuss, as well as having group conversations about your 'on the job' experiences. There will be an opportunity to be coached by a commercially experienced qualified coach, through real scenarios to help you make sense of what you are experiencing and what you can do to support the situation more fully. The topics will cover management and leadership styles, how teams function, building team effectiveness, the art of communication plus many others. These courses offer you the opportunity to delve in to who you are as a leader, your strengths, your impact on the team and a space to reflect and discuss your personal management and leadership approach. 

In a group coaching environment, you have the opportunity to develop your skills, share your experiences of your role with other like-minded people and bring your concerns to this confidential online space. They can be the building blocks to develop your skills from. Managing people can be a daunting prospect, being new to, as well as being experienced in management and leadership can be isolating and this course allows you to interact with other people in similar situations. 

The course is split in to three levels;

Level 1 - Anticipation

For those who are:

  • keen to develop their skills in readiness for they first management steps
  • taking their first steps in to managing people
  • already managing people for some years but have never received any personal management development 

Level 2 - Belief

For those who have been managing people for a while and:

  • have never received any personal management development and feeling in need of some support.
  • now ready to further develop their management and leadership impact.
  • looking to improve their skills to engage their team to better performance.

Level 3 - Confidence

This course builds on "belief' and is designed for those people wanting to:

  • develop their leadership impact. 
  • reflect on your leadership behaviours and develop your strengths & weaknesses.
  • develop your emotional intelligence.

Further details on each course can be found below