Benefits of online management courses

  • Coaching approach to learning - interactive and reflective space
  • Online and live - can be accessed from anywhere in the UK. Requires internet and computer with video and audio enabled.
  • No travel involved - Saves time and money for the individual and the organisations
  • Short sessions - enabling learning to be put in to practice immediately.
  • Group environment - peer learning and sharing of experiences


Online Management Courses


These courses have been designed to support individuals and organisations develop their management and leadership skills through an easy to access portal with live interaction from a commercially experienced qualified coach. Brodie has an MSc in coaching and people development and her experience span 20+ years of leading and managing people and teams from retail through to professional services sectors. Brodie understands the importance of developing people to be the best leader and manager they can be, helping them develop their style.


There are many management and leadership course available which offer tick box, task driven skills. These short courses are based on learning skills and understanding some business models but the important piece of these courses is the group coaching element, where individuals can share their experiences of managing people and teams, gain insights from each other in similar roles experiencing similar challenges. This is an opportunity for managers and leaders to reflect on their own approach and how that might be perceived by those they lead and the impact this is having.


Why online?

Of course, this isn't the same as being in a face to face group environment but there are 'virtual' similarities. The course is run via a video sharing platform, where there are virtual break out rooms you can discuss thoughts, experiences in small groups as well as being part of the bigger group. The course is live, being facilitated by an experienced and qualified coach.

The advantage of the courses being live online means they are accessible for majority of people, as long as you have a video and audio enabled computer device. The courses are relatively short in duration, bite sized sessions, so people can absorb information and go and put their learnings into practice before coming back for more building blocks to develop their skills. Managing and leading people and teams is not always easy, majority of leaders are learning on the job, building their experience and knowledge. Many also understand the value and importance of reflecting on their approach and learning from their mistakes. These courses enable people to talk about their approach, what went well and what you would do differently next time.