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Team Development

Developing your teams are fundamental to the success of your business. As a business you probably spend significant amounts of money developing individual people which supports personal and leadership abilities for the sustainability of your company. You probably don't always consider how beneficial it would be to develop the team as a whole. These one-off training days are to support those new to team management or those that want to update their current team development knowledge. The days help define what a team is, how teams work together and ways in which you can develop as a team.


How can I help the development of your team?

Team Development are one off training days with a coaching approach. The aim of the days are to support team development in key areas in a positive, fun and productive approach such as;

Evaluating High Performing Teams

    • Outcomes;
      • Knowledge of what makes a high performing team
      • Defining where they are as a team or group
      • Build on communication skills

Developing your Team Vision and Mission

    • Outcomes;
      • Achieve a shared Vision and Mission
      • Understand the roles individuals contribute
      • Build on communication skills

Developing communication in team

    • Outcomes;
      • Enhance their communication skills
      • Enhance their listening skills
      • Build interpersonal skills

How does it work?

These are one-off days but can be linked together as continuous development days. They are taught days with a coaching approach which are different to team coaching. The process is;

    • Initial consultation to discuss your needs and make sure this is the right approach for your business
    • pre-work sent to team members in preparation
    • one day training
    • review and reflect
    • minimum group/ team 4. 



  • Team diagnostics


Next steps...

If you are prepared to invest in the future development of your team and business…,let's talk about how I can support your teams to develop.